Bruce Stigler

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Graeme is married to my sister. This is how I was introduced to his interesting personality. Graeme kind of grows on you like a fungus and it feels real good scratching it.  

Graeme and Ledah were there at my 50th birthday in Maui 6 years ago and I am looking forward to being there at Graeme's wild Alaska adventure for his 50th.

I co-own an environmental cleanup business in Michigan called Schrader Environmental Systems. Been doing this business for 20 years now. For a hobby, I like to restore crumbling historic homes and buildings in Lansing, Michigan.

I used to like playing baseball and other sports, but now I mostly watch it on TV. Favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.  Not very experienced fisherman, but I learn fast and this sounds like a once in a lifetime thing -
so I'm excited.  

Glad to see my cousin-in-law, Bernie is coming with his son. I have two kids, Matt and Emily.  Emily just got married at a big shindig in Mexico last fall and they live in Washington DC. Matt lives down the street from me here in Lansing.  

I am twice divorced and surviving quite well at the moment.

I'm kind of a cigar afficianado so I'll be bringing lots of good cigars.